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Lindsay Berry- self taught home baker, lover of all things sweet

Welcome to Cupcakes by Lindsay Rose-- I'm Lindsay! My love for sweets started when I was a little girl- from baking in my grandma's kitchen, to stopping for ice cream after softball games. I believe there's always room for dessert. It's so amazing to be able to consume something that makes you so happy. Baking has always been a perfect outlet for me to curb my sweet tooth cravings, and create something so tasty and pretty at the same time.


I bought my first cook book when I was in my early twenties-  baking from scratch started then and hasn't stopped. I've watched hundreds of videos, tried loads of recipes, followed bakers blogs- in order to become the best baker that I can. I love trying new things with baking and hope to someday offer a wider variety of treats. This one woman operation is powered by passion and coffee and I put my heart and soul into each and every order. It's an honor to help you celebrate your special day with one of my creations!

thank you all so much!


-Lindsay Rose

Findlay, Ohio

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